Модуль памяти DDR3 8Gb Samsung M393B1K70DH0-YH9 PC3L-10600 1333Mhz ECC REG 1,35V

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Категории: Модули памяти для серверов

Модуль памяти Samsung 8GB PC3-10600 2Rx4 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Reg Memory M393B1K70DH0-YH9

Модули памяти для серверов 8gb, new oem

Samsung M393B1K70DH0-YH9 8GB 1.35V DIMMs

8GB PC3L-10600R DDR3, 1333, CL9, ECC REG 240-pin DIMMs

Аналог: 47J0136 


В серверах HP:

HP X5520 G2 ¦ HP ProLiant BL280c G6, BL2x220c G6, BL2x220c G6 Server A, BL2x220c G6 Server B, BL2x220c G7, BL460c G6, BL460c G7, BL490c G6, BL490c G7, BL620C G7, BL680c G7, DL160 G6, DL180 G6, DL320 G6, DL320 G6 Entry, DL320 G6 High Efficiency, DL320 G6 Performance, DL360 G6, DL360 G6 Base, DL360 G6 Entry, DL360 G6 Performance, DL360 G7, DL360 G7 Base, DL360 G7 Central Management Server, DL360 G7 Entry, DL360 G7 Performance, DL370 G6, DL370 G6 Base, DL370 G6 High Performance, DL370 G6 Performance, DL380 G6, DL380 G6 Base, DL380 G6 Entry, DL380 G6 Performance, DL380 G7, DL380 G7 Base, DL380 G7 Entry, DL380 G7 Performance, DL580 G7, DL580 G7 Base, DL580 G7 High Performance, DL585 G7, DL585 G7 Base, DL980 G7, ML330 G6, ML330 G6 Base, ML330 G6 Entry, ML330 G6 Performance, ML350 G6, ML350 G6 Base, ML350 G6 Entry, ML350 G6 Performance, ML370 G6, ML370 G6 Base, ML370 G6 Entry, SL160s G6, SL160z G6, SL170z G6, SL2x170z G6, SL390s G7, WS460c G6 Workstation Blade ¦ HP StorageWorks Network Storage Blade X1800sb, X1800sb G2 ¦ HP StorageWorks Network Storage Gateway X3400 G2, X3800 G2, X3800sb, X3800sb G2 ¦ HP StorageWorks Network Storage System X1400 G2, X1500 G2, X1600 G2, X1800 G2

Manufacturer Samsung
Model number M393B1K70DH0-YH9

Contents 8GB Memory module
Compatible with:
IBM Servers:
DX360 M3 6391
X3400 M3 7378
X3400 M3 7379
X3500 M3 7380
X3550 M3 7944
X3620 M3 7376
X3630 M4 7158
X3650 M3 7945
X3755 M3 7164

Item specifics

Condition: New Designed For: Dell HP-Compaq Apple Intel IBM-Lenovo Toshiba Acer Asus Sony
ECC Type: ECC REGISTERED Speed: PC3-10600
Number of Modules: 1 Brand: Samsung
Capacity per Module: 8GB Physical Size: DIMM
Class: DDR3 Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
MPN: M393B1K70DH0-YH9
Frequency: 1333MHz Number of Pins: 240-pin
Voltage: 1.35V